In My Mind’s Eye

1.  suppose or assume
2.  form a mental image or concept of
~believe  to exist or be so visualize, envision, picture, see in the mind’s eye;
Just when things are going haywire, and I find myself preparing for a forecast of thunderous bolts…the universe sends a sign.
As I walked, a simple sign dropped in my path.  Placed perfectly to get my attention and redirecting my focus.  Did this really just happen?
I imagine YES, it did.
Thank you world- for knowing just when to intervene.
Yet again, allowing me to see in my mind’s eye.
imagine~Photo by TruptiJust when things are going haywire, and I find myself preparing for a forecast of thunderous bolts…the universe sends a sign.
As I walked, a simple sign dropped in my path. Placed perfectly to get my attention and redirecting...
Mind’s Eye

The Next Chapter Still Awaits

verb (used with object)
1.  to obtain as a profit or income for oneself by trade, labor, or investment
2.  to convert into cash or money
3.  to make real; give reality to
4. to bring vividly to the mind
5.  to grasp or understand clearly
There is nothing like that feeling after I’ve talked to my mom.  I would never have imagined that something, seemingly so simple would have such power and significance.  Especially when we didn’t have those type of talks all the time.
She’s a classic beauty.  She was this way from the beginning.  My grandfather talked about this all the time.  As proud parents do.
She has the sweetest voice and when she says “I love you to beta”, the vibration sent through my heart is indescribable. (“Beta” in Gujarati dialect:  someone younger, who is your child or you view in the same capacity.)
She is stronger than any substance, matter, and person I’ve ever known. Growing, fighting, demanding to be SEEn (as herself).  Solid to the core.  Through all the obstacles, disappointments and heartache she experienced, she never wavered in her resolve to survive.  In a world a woman didn’t always have a voice, she created hers.  Evolving to a higher sense of purpose.
I realize more than ever, what type of sacrifices she made for me and my sisters.  To ensure her children had more, better opportunities to be themselves and follow their dreams.  The type of love which can only come from a mother’s limitless dedication for her child.  Helping her child to SEE they can survive anything…even the reality of never being able to be a mom.  Making sure I survived one of my life’s most perplexing puzzles.
Here’s to my mom, who helped me realize that there is ALWAYS more of the story to be told and my next chapter awaits.
Thank you mom.

A Purposeful Manner Of Direction

1. a characteristic indication or mark of something; evidence or proof
2. something serving to represent or indicate some fact, event, feeling, sign
All day long, I follow them.  Ever notice that from the moment you get up you follow signs telling you what to do?  On the road, in the lobby to get your elevator, on your phone, “like this”, “re-gram that”, shopping online, at the self check out, and during the extensive hours of work or play on the computer.  Pretty much most visual stimuli throughout your day and every day tells you what to do.  Or at least tries to influence what you do.
I’m contemplating whether I need more “signs” in my life.  Would this foster and create more productivity?  Maybe one of those activity boards?  You know like the one they have for busy families trying to organize so they can live their lives.  Do I need one of those?
I do have a small wall turned into a chalkboard.  Love it.  Amazing what thoughts can come about with a chalkboard.
Any whooooo’, I’ve been following signs of some sort for as long as I can remember.  Some very obvious like big red octagons.  But others are less noticeable to the naked eye unless you are open to them.  You will SEE them clearly when you take the time to be still.  Acknowledging them, feeling them…knowing them fully.
ALL I’m saying is, don’t forget to pay attention to those subtle tokens of communication which don’t don’t bombard you in the face all day.  Listen to the signs you receive in silence.  They truly provide a more purposeful manner of direction.
Token Of The Day