A Sign Of The Heart

1. a prodigy or marvel
2. an indication of something about to happen, especially something momentous
When you’re angry it’s difficult to sift through the information presented to you.  All you can SEE is the fuel for the anger.  The source of this constant, infuriating dissatisfaction.
Sounds like fun, right?
So you begin the dance.  Do you speak your mind and let the chips fall where they may or do you play it safe and take the “high” road.  Not sure where that saying originated from but maybe they should call it what’s playing in my head it really is, “know your place, stay silent, and smile as I give you the choice (which is really a non choice) as you take it” road.
Like I said, anger doesn’t exactly promote serene visualization methods.
But just when you think things aren’t going to change, you get out of the car and you get the indication.  Initially I walked right by it.  And then something made me stop, turn around, and go back.
Was it?  Could it be?  The symbol I needed?
To my amazement, there it was.  In the midst of my one channel program, plain as day and in such perfect form.  A perfect, timely reminder to hang on.  Onto what was growing inside her.  Stay the course and it wouldn’t be long now before the signs of new life would be seen, continue to grow, and to beat fully on it’s own.
The seeds which had been planted and had begun to conceptualize- that something is abut to happen, something momentous.
Today, a sign was brought my way.  There on the asphalt… a sign of the heart.  Thank you.
A Sign Of The Heart

By Giving Me Yours

the core of a tree; the solid central part without sap or albumen
2.  good condition for production, growth
a.  the homologous structure in other vertebrates, consisting of four chambers in mammals and birds and three chambers in reptiles and amphibians.
b.the analogous contractile structure in invertebrate animals, as the tubular heart of the spider and earthworm.
4.  the center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition,feeling, or emotion
5.  the center of emotion, especially as contrasted to the head as the center ofthe intellect
6.  capacity for sympathy; feeling; affection
7.  ~Anatomy
a.  ahollow,pumplike organ of blood circulation, composed mainly ofrhythmically contractile smooth muscle, located in the chest between thelungs and slightly to the left and consisting of four chambers
8.  a person (used especially in expressions of praise or affection) spirit, courage, or enthusiasm
9.  the innermost or central part of anything
Dear You,
“They” say love makes you weak in the knees.  What about calves?  I woke up this weekend and I could barely walk across the room.  Anyways, if the knees are the first to go when you fall in love, what happens when love ends?
When you are the one who didn’t want love to end, the lasting affects can be especially traumatic.  At least for an unknown amount of time.  This is what sucks-the not knowing “when is this feeling going to end?”
Along with the high you once felt, the lows are just as deep.  The astonishment you once felt and thought, “how did you get this lucky?”, turns to a stunning sense of shock.  The shock waves ripple like a missile to the place inside, leaving you convinced you can never let anyone in there again.
This missile blew my soul into so many pieces.  It was unimaginable that the pain would ever recede far away enough for anything alive to have enough air to survive.  It would be a long while before an outsider was given an insiders view to this special space.  To allow them to occupy me fully again.
But then one day it happened.  The surge of vitality caused me to awaken and SEE.  I could feel life beginning to pump throughout me.
It was because of you.
There are moments of realization which are fleeting.  If you blink one too many times, they can be lost forever.  You are a once in my lifetime moment.  The time when the world came together just long enough to make me SEE.
The planets aligned.  The force of it allowed the universe to resuscitate me.  You brought back the innermost part of me, by giving me yours.  You have my heart always.  Thank you.
I love you.