365 Days Later…

Knowing~Photo by Trupti

You never know what a new day can bring.  Today, for me, came a message from the past.  A reinforcement of sorts to stay…be steadfast to my truth.  Doubt has a way of meandering into our lives just when we begin on the path of “It’s coming together and I’ve got this.”  As if it knows just when to enter the dialogue in our head.  You know of which voices I write.

And then it happens…a moment of clarity.  Shutting down those voices.

At various stages in our lives, time can stand still or push us forward like the speed of light.  But then the moment comes where you want to evolve, it’s value, and trust that eventually, you will be exactly where you were meant to be.

Wiser and grateful in the place you have landed 365 days later.


As You Choose Them To Be

1.  something that is asked; a favor sought
2.  benefit; blessing; something to be thankful for
When is the last time you were really appreciative of what’s good in your life?
For all the things I think I need, I already have the most important.  And they don’t have much of anything to do with “things”.  It’s more of an acceptance of who I am.
To walk the planet knowing the best thing for me is to be me is one thing.  To have the forces supporting me to do just that…well this is quite another.
Not everyone has this.
When you SEE the gifts of life, the troubles are only as you choose them to be.
Boons come in all forms.  Throughout your tenure.  Reminding you to say thank you.
To say it just when things seem utterly hopeless.  THANK YOU!