1. a passage from one scene to another by sound effects, music, etc., as in atelevision program, theatrical production, or the like
2. Music a. a passing from one key to another; modulation b. a brief modulation; a modulation used in passing c. a sudden, unprepared modulation
3. movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change
Change is part of life.  No?  If you are not comfortable with change, then, well…good luck.  I say this with sincerity and love.  Get used the the idea of change.
Too stern?  Well, it is what it is.  I hate when people say that.  And here I am using it.
When it comes to the way things are it’s better to SEE things as they really are.  It will save you much in the long run.
Although experiencing the ups and downs is what life is and the lessons learned are absolutely what forms a being…too much time, spirit, and soul end up lost by the simple of act of not SEEing what is right in front of your face.
Why do we do that?
Well, after doing it ALOT, I feel compelled to share my humble findings.  Plainly put, I wasn’t ready to admit I lost and that it was okay to have lost.
Humans are not used having to admit their mortal tendencies but when you add in ego, self esteem, and other crazy self talk, you can imaging the potential for a quick spiraling into the abyss.
But at some point (if you are lucky and I was), you’ll get sick of the self loathing and realize there is joy to be had.  Time is moving quickly.  And we all deserve happiness.  Part of that comes from being able to go through loss and know that this is just another step in the journey.
The transition through brings a deeper awareness, deeper gratitude of how I lost but really fought.
And how I’ll keep fighting.
Fighter~Photo by Trupti


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