1. a round about or circuitous way or course, especially one used temporarily when the main route is closed.
  2. an indirect or roundabout procedure, path
  1. to make a detour; go by way of a detour
  2. to make a detour around
  3. to cause to make a detour
Having to change the designated route can be frustrating.  How do you handle things when you have to?
I have the tendency to methodically swing like a pendulum when adaptation is necessary.  After all, I was born under the sign of the scales.  Finding the right balance is key to my happy, peaceful existence.
Some can rally and make the best of it while others get overwhelmed and sucked into the negativity of it all.  Which person are you?
The reason for this question?  Curiosity I guess.  Curious to understand how we as mortals behave and why.  I have been witness to an array of responses within a plethora of human situations.
How we react to our own circumstances and how we behave when in the company of others when it comes to light someone is going through something.  Main point here is, THEY are going through it.  “Through” infers there is another side they are working to get to and the way they choose to do it.
 But it may not be similar to how you would do it.
It’s still a bit shocking to SEE how the most accomplished, educated, and superficially envied people, lose all sense of reason and composure when either things don’t go their way or you use your free will to disagree with them.  The result?  Pretty much a child throwing a temper tantrum when they are asked to share their favorite toy.  But they are adults and supposed to know better.
What is the lesson here?
We all have problems.  To each of us, they are significant and impact our existence in one form or another.
You don’t know what detour people have had to take to get back on the main road and continue on their way.
Be mindful of this when you speak, drive, email, or basically anything involving human contact.
No matter how much you may think you are helping, sometimes you’re just another falling rock in their path.
Rock Detour~Photo by Trupti

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