1.  something that remains or is left
2.  Remains~
a. traces of some quality, condition, etc., 
b. a dead body; corpse
3. to be left after the removal, destruction or loss
4. to stay behind or in the same place 
5. to continue in the same state; continue to be
Dear You,
We should have had the sun.  But instead we find ourselves here.  In this place.  How did we get here?  It seems so long since we started our steps together.  The pursuits chased as we forgot about how quickly time goes by.
Together.  One behind the other, walking silently behind to break the fall, and then we would switch.  Never letting the other to be left alone.  Waiting to be let in, because I knew there would come a moment where I would turn around and SEE you were there…always.
Always.  A courageous, symbolic, and pure extension of your heart.
Why did the sun set on what we dreamed for, we may never understand. What I do know?  Everything will change and “even the very wise cannot see all ends.”~Gandalf
Formed in character and sublime for the weathered erosion it has endured.  The signs of a true life built, shared and continued, love remains.
Mine for you and yours for me…it remains the same.  After it all, this I know, I love you. ~Me
Remains~Photo by Trupti

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