front line
1.  located or designed to be used at a military front line
2. highly experienced or proficient in the performance of one’s duties
3.  front
4.  the visible forefront in any action, activity, or field
Battles come in all shapes and forms.  We all have them and whether we like it or not, they should to be faced.  How we face them, and more importantly, when, can be the key to avoiding post traumatic stress disorder (or at least decreasing the recovery time).
Having a close, reliable source, I can say Clarity Girl has acquired more than a few wounds along her search for clarity.  Some wounds deeper than others.  But all impactful to her current and future existence.
Wounds take time to heal.  They require care, rest, and consideration.  All items which Clarity Girl only recently realized were in need of immediate attention.
Why now?  Excellent question. Well, an interesting things occurs when one is so focused on not focusing on something.  It gets ignored.  Then the universe, in it’s infinite wisdom, makes it impossible to ignore any of it any longer.
This is when the flood gates open and game on.
There is no time to prepare, to condition, to grab the emergency kit.  That time has passed.  You have to adapt quickly.  There are bullets of the past hitting scars, reopening old wounds all over.  And out of no where, one is forced into full MacGyver mode. (Google it).
Make it or break it time has arrived.
Funny thing happens when this moment arrives.  Once the anarchy is absorbed and accepted, it’s calm.  It’s quiet.  And your heart can finally speak and be heard.  What did it say?
“In the name of love.”
There on the front line of my life, tattered to the core, brought to my knees, I knew I would always be a soldier of love.
So I battle on…

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