1. eternity; eternal duration
  1. lasting or continuing for an indefinitely long time
  2. incessant; constantly recurring
  3. lasting forever; eternal
That sounds like a very long time.  Especially in a life (which for many of us is) plagued with not enough of minutes.  What do you think of when you think of something with no beginning or end?
The universe?  Although some would argue the universe did have a beginning.
What about love?  How did this come to exist?  When was it was certain that euphoria and passion would be connected to this word?  To our human existence?
Who attached the notion that love is more profound beyond the initial time of adulation?
Deeper within the daily acts of devotion, in the acts of simplicity and eternal purpose.
Sprinkled stars on and through the years.
Heavenly, luminous bodies dedicated one to the other…in their faithful, everlasting promise.
Forever as one.


Lila & Anant
Mom & Dad,
Thank you for the lesson in true commitment and unwavering love.
Happy 49th Anniversary!

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