1. Obsolete
verb (used with object)
2. to open up; unfold
3. to cause to appear; allow to be seen; lay open to view
4. to make known; reveal or uncover~to disclose a secret
Super Heroes have a way of finding out things.  Some, you may not want them to know.  Why?  Maybe because it’s none of their business or maybe it is, and you chose to ignore this.
I thought the deal was to be transparent with people in your life.  At least the ones you genuinely care for.  Or else why bother having them in your life?  So what happens when you find out that someone hasn’t been straightforward in their dealings involving you?
The choice made next will determine much more down the road than it does in the immediate moment.  It will involve how you SEE this person, yourself, and the values you once held as vital, for many days to come.
It converts your belief from a place of security and knowing, to one filled with doubt and confusion.  It forces you to engage with a new reality-one divided between another’s hypocrisy and the receipt of your own blindness towards it.
So why can I SEE it now?
As with most mass, enough time and pressure will erode even the most impenetrable of armors…leaving nothing further to disclose.

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