1.  in a measure; to a certain extent; somewhat
2.  in some degree
3.  more properly or justly; with better reason
4.  sooner; more readily or willingly
5.  more properly or correctly speaking; more truly: He is a painter or, rather, a water colorist.
6.  rather than, instead of
7.  on the contrary
Let me ask you this.  Who taught you about life?  Who teaches you about life?  Or have you been learning about it on your own?
Not playing the victim- but just know that these factors played a role in my life.  Finally acknowledging them, asking the necessary questions, and attempting to make some sense of the answers.
I now SEE that without some substantial level of guidance, mistakes are bound to happen.  That’s life. I mean, even with guidance some of us only truly don’t learn until we’re fully awaken to acceptance.
An acceptance that mistakes are simply the stones to get you across the (sometimes cold, hard, deep, rocking) water. Without them, we would know no better and not cultivate into a fuller level of understanding, compassion, intellect, humility…true human capital.
So getting back to my stones.  Big and full…of life lessons.  Often thought by me as failures in not having the “right” life, are now an insight into the meaning of life…at least my own meaning.  And isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?
Not that you lived it perfectly.
And not by the standards of others.
But rather how we evolved in being ourselves, following our true path…as it was always meant to be.
True Path

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