1.  honor at the top of
2.  high up; far above the ground
3.  Nautical
a.  on the masts; in the rigging; overhead
b.  (on a square rigged sailing ship) in the upper rigging, specifically, on or above the lower yards.
4.  In or into the air
The strumming of a guitar causes my leg to strum to it’s beat.  There is nothing else it wants to do.  I can not stop it from moving.  Why?  What makes us move?  What moves us?  What drowns everything else in the vicinity?
I have always listened to the beat of shadow and light.
I am drawn to the darkness of the shadows.  Why?  Well because it was a place where I could let go.  In those caves I can be free.  This was a place where I could be led away “into the light and to the day.”
I just never knew that where the days were leading to, I would be called out in heartache.
So I work on this.  Everyday, I work towards this…feeling hurt & letting it go.  To break away for a peaceful land.  It can be done, can’t it?
There is more to aspire to, isn’t there?  There, where the air is better to hold your soul aloft…


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