1.  to utter words or sounds in succession with musical modulations of the voice; vocalize melodically
2.  to perform a song  or voice composition 
3.  to produce melodious sounds, usually high in pitch, as some birds,insects,etc.    

4.  to chant or intone 
5.  to give out a continuous ringing, whistling, murmuring, burbling, or other euphonious sound

6.  to tell about or praise someone or something in verse or song  
7.  to proclaim enthusiastically

8.  to compose poetry  (~noun)
Can you imagine being able to create “art of rhythmical composition,(written,  spoken,” lived or sung)?   Created “for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.”
Some of you no doubt can do this and I’m sure many others of you wanted to be able to, so you can understand my day dreaming about this ever since I was a little baby super hero.
Imagining how amazing it would be to command the attention, minds, and hearts of people as they listened.  Whether by eyes or ears, they listened to me.  Mesmerized by what it was I had to say.  I envied being a star that could shine this bright.
I didn’t realize then, what I actually envied, was being able to create something…anything.  Anything, which was natural to what I saw in myself, and KNEW I wanted to be.  These aspirations were born from within me.
But what I called home was quite foreign to others.  I could SEE I was slowly becoming misunderstood through others deficiency in knowing me.  This lack of understanding fosters fear.  Fear not only in yourself but those around you.
The uncertainty of a brightness pushes people to drastic corners.  There are those who act out with an unyielding & violent force, demanding for things to remain the same.  So the light freezes and succumbs to a space of loneliness.
 On an isolated planet like this, there are (ironically), deep moments of solace.  You learn how to soothe yourself…even if it’s through someone else. Her voice became a conduit through which I could connect.
I often thought, “how do these words say exactly what I am feeling?”, “how can she express the emotion so I feel it?”  Well, it’s for the same reason I laugh, draw, cook, take photos, cry, paint, smile, and write.
Because it comes from a place inside.
The place of KNOWING…where you begin to write your own lyrics…and sing.



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