1.  shaped like or intended to perform the function of an umbrella
2. having the quality or function of covering or applying simultaneously to anumber of similar items, elements, or groupsnoun
3.  something, as an organization or policy, that covers or encompasses number of groups or elements
4.  a light, small, portable, usually circular cover for protection from rain or run, consisting of a fabric held on a collapsible frame of thin ribs radiating from the top of a carrying stick or handle
5.  any general kind of protection
6.  something that covers or protects from above
Dear You,
The days which are chilly, wet, gloomy have their beauty to.  I often think if I were weather what area of the world would I call home?  Would I have a multiple personality of the seasons?  Would I the heated temperament of the desert? Or am I the sunny days and brisker nights of the West?  I know what I like best?  Warm, even hot days by refreshingly cool waters, which get finished off with warm night breezes preluded by the richest of sunsets. Yah, that’s for me.   The way you are for me.
Slowly I have come to SEE the light in and of you.  As I allow myself to be open to them, the lessons of sharing a life with you become KNOWN.   What am I learning?  Well, under your cover is where I have often found rest from my weariness.  A space of unconditional shelter.  A safeguard created for me, in defense from the elements of life.
Thank you for always offering an umbrella of redemption, deliverance, and salvation.
I love you.~Me

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