1.  to spring through the air from one point or position to another; jump 
2.  to move or act quickly or suddenly 
3.  to pass, come, rise, etc., as if with a jump: 
4.  to jump over 
5.  to cause to leap
6.  spring, jump, or bound; a light, springing movement  
7.  the distance covered in a leap 
8.  a place leaped or to be leaped over or from
9.  a sudden or abrupt transition

10.  by leaps and bounds, very rapidly 
11.  leap in the dark, an action of which the consequences are unknown 
12.  leap of faith, an act or instance of accepting or trusting in something that cannot readily be seen or proved but in your heart is KNOWN…
A simple and profound realization which so many of us consider and too few KNOW to be ours?  I SEE it to be within grasp.  Or maybe I was always holding it…only my grip had loosened on my understanding of it’s concept.  Instead of dwelling on the don’t haves, couldn’t do, will never be, I am ready to embrace myself with unabashed acceptance of who I have become.
 At some point, it comes down to a choice, (which we actually all have), to have trust in the process of our lives.  To trust that when things don’t go our way, life has a plan…even if the one we set forth on, falls through and completely apart. My reaction when things fell apart was the key.  So what does it mean?  Well, basically the difference between being frozen in fear, trapped in a safe, chance-less existence, OR freeing yourself forever, as you stretch to climb to new heights.
New heights of comprehension, humility, gratitude, desire, and will.  Heights which initially could not been foreSEEn. They would have been lost and unknown forever, had it not been for a brave leap of faith to a planet waiting to amaze.  So, what do you say we jump and let’s go be happy?

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