verb (used with object)
1.  to obtain as a profit or income for oneself by trade, labor, or investment
2.  to convert into cash or money
3.  to make real; give reality to
4. to bring vividly to the mind
5.  to grasp or understand clearly
There is nothing like that feeling after I’ve talked to my mom.  I would never have imagined that something, seemingly so simple would have such power and significance.  Especially when we didn’t have those type of talks all the time.
She’s a classic beauty.  She was this way from the beginning.  My grandfather talked about this all the time.  As proud parents do.
She has the sweetest voice and when she says “I love you to beta”, the vibration sent through my heart is indescribable. (“Beta” in Gujarati dialect:  someone younger, who is your child or you view in the same capacity.)
She is stronger than any substance, matter, and person I’ve ever known. Growing, fighting, demanding to be SEEn (as herself).  Solid to the core.  Through all the obstacles, disappointments and heartache she experienced, she never wavered in her resolve to survive.  In a world a woman didn’t always have a voice, she created hers.  Evolving to a higher sense of purpose.
I realize more than ever, what type of sacrifices she made for me and my sisters.  To ensure her children had more, better opportunities to be themselves and follow their dreams.  The type of love which can only come from a mother’s limitless dedication for her child.  Helping her child to SEE they can survive anything…even the reality of never being able to be a mom.  Making sure I survived one of my life’s most perplexing puzzles.
Here’s to my mom, who helped me realize that there is ALWAYS more of the story to be told and my next chapter awaits.
Thank you mom.

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