1.  a verbal picture or description, usually of a person
2.  a likeness of a person, especially of the face, as a painting, drawing, or photograph
Often when beginning a new work of art,  what you SEE and mapped for, isn’t what results.  Forces within and beyond control impart influence.
Forces which were not expected, calculated, or planned can throw off the hope and aspiration of a piece and especially injure the artist.  Not knowing where we will end up once we have started something, is a challenge for us all.
Finding a way back to the place of direction and purpose in any area is not always an easy road.
The thing about artists, they are creative.  The thing about being an artist, I feel I have the creativity to solve problems.  As uncomfortably confusing as the experience has been at times, I’m okay painting over what doesn’t speak to me any longer…and start again.  As in life, sometimes you will have no choice but to start again.
This time with more clarity in the vision.
Without it, you will only become lost again…remain lost.
In pondering my artist status, a timely, commissioned adherence to others would no longer be the canvas for my portraits.
Soul Portrait

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