1.  all sorts of other things —used to indicate related but unspecified events, facts, or conditions
2.  all that relates to the subject
3.  all that exists
4.  all that is important
After you have been through about a zillion ordinary days and another (what feels like) a billion heartbroken ones, when you see that you are at the start of the exception, you stop and take notice.  I can’t believe how long it’s taken for me to figure out this word problem.
I thought I gave away my heart on my dreams.  And during this time, I forgot about you.   Giving your heart to me, allowing mine to keep beating.  I never properly thanked you.
Here’s the Thank You card.
Dear You,
Do you remember when we met?  It was magic.  To me it was magic.  It had been a while after I had lost faith in love…again.  As much as we fought it (and we did fight it for a while), we couldn’t be kept from each other.  Just thinking about it puts a peaceful smile on my face.  From the beginning we took a leap of faith in each other and we never looked back.  We found a friend in one another, like no other.  And that was it.  Plus you have the softest lips.  Somewhere we stopped thinking about the beginning, to work on the future.  And in the process, ignored the present.  And now here we are, in the present, with a beginning which seems prehistoric, and a future we haven’t been sure we wanted to face.
But we can still make each other laugh and I still feel the magic.  As you did back then, when my heart needed resuscitating, you have been there for me.  Giving me your heart.  Without me having to ask, EVER.  You always give to me.  It’s important that you know I know this.
This is entry #10.  It began with the word clarity and already I am feeling that I have gained some.     As you have always, you see everything.  And you’re still here.

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