1. to serve as a beacon to; warn or guide.
2. a guiding or warning signal, as a fire or light
3. a lighthouse, signal buoy
4. a person, act, or thing that warns or guides
5. a person or thing that illuminates or inspires
What re-inspires you?  What re-illuminates you?
We all need this from time to time.  Right?  A Reboot of sorts?
Recently, I’ve rediscovered a hobby.  And through this process, a certain realization came to light.  I’ve come to RE-cognize what I’ve known all along.
“To be broken is no reason to SEE all things as broken.”  ~M.N.
It’s taken me a long while to understand this.  And this doesn’t mean I’m this sad, depressed person, sowing in my misery.  What this quote means is that you can come back after being broken and still see (and more importantly, want to see) the light in life…living no matter what comes your way.
I let the pain of a loss take over.  Take control in a way which kept me from immersing in life the way I had once taken such pleasure in.  I’ve come to learn people want you to move on from your pain.  Whether it’s because they genuinely care for you or it’s more SELF motivating is another question entirely.
As life happens, a persons energy can change- especially if it was a tougher life lesson situation.  And as this energy shift occurs it can permeate to others in their life.  They may not be able to relate, they may not understand why you SEE life differently, or why things can’t go back to they way they were.  Why can’t you just let it go?
Well, I have done my fair share of what I thought was letting go but in actuality it was ignorance to reality- by denying the truth to be present.  Not daring to show any cracks in the foundation.  That is a guaranteed method to ensure IT stays right here, longer, deeper, vs. letting anything go anywhere.  Never understanding that vulnerability is the key to strength.
People make such efforts to avoid their pain and fear.  When it’s those events which teach us how to live better.  Truer to ourselves.  And help us forge a clearer path to peace.   If only we could get out of our own way to SEE the guidance which is being offered to us.
These offerings are beacons lending us a path back.  Back to joy.
To experience joy…even in the presence of loss.
The surprise is, it was a gift waiting to be had all along.
Beacon of Joy

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