1.  clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity
2.  transparent to the eye  
3.  the state or quality of being clear 
“They” say every 7 years, humans go through some renewal process, or transformation.  If my math is right, I’m past due and change has arrived.
Comprehending this is daunting but the accepting it’s needed, for my benefit, and that the universe has been sending me signs, is pretty much making me a lunatic.  But I’m up to the task…I think.  No, I know…I think.  So there you have a small piece to the expansive (look up the word- there is a form of psychiatry dedicated to it) logarithm trying to solve itself in my head.  Lunatic theory proven.
To further prove there are no accidents, today is the start of a new lunar cycle.  Lunatic/Lunar, get it?  Typically the moon is on a 29 day cycle- shorter than the 7 year human theory but renewal/transformation nonetheless.
A new moon is the first phase of the moon where the moon is invisible to us on Earth.  Do you know why it’s invisible?  Because it is between the Earth and the Sun.  In between-a stage many of us find ourselves throughout life.  As a result of this positioning, the moon’s illuminated side is facing away from us here on earth.  No illumination.  No light.  Hard to see this way.  Or is it?
We all have that part of us which we can’t see but we hear it.  It speaks the truth to us.  If we’re still and silent enough during our “in between”, the volume is undeniable.  Becoming one with this lucid voice is what I embark on today.  Under the symbolism of a new moon and with all its transparent, manifestation energies, my mission is clear.

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